Personal belongings


Your child will be exploring various media. Even though stocks are available, clothing not covered may become spotted. We want your child to enjoy the day and not worry about spoiling his/her clothes either in the room or playground, so please keep a permanent change of clothes in your child’s locker. Be sure your child’s name is clearly marked on all items.
Slippers are preferred for daily wear in the classroom.



We discourage children from bringing toys from home. We have many toys here, and children will be asked to share their toys with others or else keep it in their cubby. Some classes have a scheduled “show and tell” experience where children can bring items from home. Please make sure that everything brought in is LABELED and that no belonging is extremely valuable. The staff can not be responsible for any lost items. Also, please make certain that no toy weapons are brought into school. We do appreciate when parents send in a book or item that is relevant to a topic that the children are focusing on. Just let the teacher know that you are sending an item in.